And I mean bowel.

Well, good afternoon, to those of you who managed to make it to the Back-up version of the Rott.  Yesterday, the server crashed and can no longer run basic php — the code that runs this joint.  Yesterday was a completely dead server.  Today it displays a 503 page, meaning the php isn’t working.  But I can ftp into the server and create an html redirection from nicedoggie dot net to nicedoggie dot blog, so I did, and here you are, you clever mutts.

The Super Bowels are running now.  I have ZERO intention of watching it.  We are doing a Super Bowl function this afternoon, but I was smart enough to duck out of it earlier, and decided to spend the afternoon at Alki Beach for some fish and chips.


But let’s get down to why we’re here:

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning Afternoon

Item 1:  Overwhelming majority of Americans think Biden AND Trump are too old for another term: POLL

This is how the polling breaks down:

• 86% of Americans think Biden, 81, is too old to serve another term as president.
• 59% of Americans who think both he and former President Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, are too old
• 27% who think only Biden is too old.
62% of Americans think Trump, who is 77, is too old to serve as president.
Looking at it through partisan eyes,
• 73% of Democrats think Biden is too old to serve
• 35% of Republicans think that Trump is too old to serve.
• 91% of Independents think Biden is too old to serve.
• 71% of Independents think that Trump is too old to serve.
Basically, MOST sane people (not counting the die-hard Trumpublicans) believe that BOTH candidates are too fucking old to be running for president, let alone winning the position.
The sixty-two percent of Americans thinking Trump is too old was an ODD outlier.  It stands out, because right above it, [only] 27 percent think that Biden is too old.  Trump, at 77, is actually the younger of the two doddering old fucks by about four years.  One is a forgetful old gentleman, and the other is a diaper-wearing boob who confuses Nancy Haley with Nikki Pelosi.  Who just today told us not to forget 7-Eleven.
Right now, it’s like a we’re watching two old fucks blurt out the craziest things.  It’s like a contest to see who can come out with the craziest.
Most of us would rather the choices be completely different.  The Right would be much happier with a Trump-like candidate minus all the baggage, and the Left would be much happier having someone who isn’t going to stroke out at any given moment.

Item 2: How your memory really works, and how it changes as you age

While we are on the subject of memory.  Memory is a strange thing.  Your brain can easily trick itself into creating false or distorted memories.  I just finished watching The Irrational , an NBC/Peacock series based on the non-fiction book, Predictably Irrational.  While the series is fictional, the science is not.  Pretty damn interesting, you should watch it.

Item 3:  California Gov. Gavin Newsom hobnobs with billionaires in Vegas ahead of Super Bowl, as speculation mounts over Joe Biden’s future

I’ve mentioned this a few times over the past couple of months:  Gavin Newsom is running a stealth campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.  He’s been expecting Joe to see that his polling is terrible, and the public perception of his age and cognitive ability is 90 percent of the problem.  If he didn’t have that perception to fight against, his approval ratings would be fairly high.

But Gavin Newsom, et al, knows there may be a time in the near future where Joe Biden might be persuaded to step out of the race due to low polls and the perception that he is too old.  Newsome has been quietly building up a financial bank to run — either now or in 2028.

But more than likely, now.

Item 4:  Defense chief Austin back in the hospital for ‘symptoms suggesting bladder issue’

It’s probably time to step down and retire.

Item 5:  Sheriff says suspect “is down” after shooting at celebrity pastor Joel Osteen’s Texas megachurch

Thoughts and Prayers.

If there wasn’t an appropriate place for a T and P, it would have to be at a mega-church shooting.

Item 6:  This Lawmaker Wants to Jail People for Watching Porn

Whatever happened to the ‘small government’, freedom-loving, ‘get the government out of our lives’ Republican?  If this guy doesn’t scream “Christian Taliban”, nothing does.

Have you ever noticed that those people who scream the loudest about something tend to be projectionists of their own deviant tendencies?  Take, for example, the guy who puts down gay men, even to the point of violence.  They almost always turn out to be gay themselves.  People who want government to legislate a particular morality, tend to NEED those laws to prevent themselves from acting out in public.

Item 7:  Fetterman blasts pro-Palestinian protesters: ‘Why aren’t you demanding that Hamas surrenders?’

Here’s another guy with his eye on Joe Biden’s fall.  A former Pennsylvania Lt Governor who became a Democratic US Senator, and is making hawkish Israel noises in the face of the progressive wing of the Party.  If he doesn’t try to swoop in  if and when Joe stumbles, then he may try a third Party run and try to pick up as many Independents and No-Trump Republicans and the more pragmatic Democrats of the Party.

It would be nice to try and pull away from the fringes of both established parties.




Memes From the Meme Box

I receive dozens of memes in my Meme Box on a daily basis from people all over the landscape.  Some are political, some topical, but most are just everyday events with a little fun inserted.  My absolute favorite are just photos that will speak those thousand words clearly.


Yes, he really said that.



There is a context issue, but overall, it was a fucked up thing to say.



Not testicles, testicles have a use.
These are dingle balls.



I think that MOST people are quickly coming to the
consensus that both these guys have got to go.






THERE.  Done.



Clever AI
Looks like they could start a bed and breakfast, right?




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