It is a Friday in the Realm, and I am on my last day of “stay-cation”.  Another reminder why retirement isn’t all that interesting to me.  I’d rather be doing something that doesn’t involve running for public office.  I’d rather be dead…

Fun stuff in the news today.  I hope to have some fun reporting it to you and commenting on it.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  WATCH: Biden Confuses Mexico and Egypt in Stunning Gaffe During Presser Meant to Assuage Fears About His Cognitive Function

“Stunning Gaffes” are what Joe Biden has always been known for — his entire political life.  You would have to be a bit more specific in the case of Joe Biden.

Because of his speech impediment, he is prone to utter some pretty weird things from time-to-time.  The connection between the brain and the mouth seems to drop every now and then.  I’d be more concerned if he starts exhibiting the same in his notes and writings.  Or if he starts displaying other physical indications of mental decline.

But still, this does warrant a more  extensive examination that goes beyond the simple Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).

Since I’ve included two headlines on the same topic, I will continue below…

Item 2:  Eight Words and a Verbal Slip Put Biden’s Age Back at the Center of 2024

I hate the idea of being an ‘ageist’, but there needs to be an age limit on serving in a federal elected office.  Either that, or an extensive psychological and cognitive function exam with the results made public.  Every candidate should be screened and the results made public.

I can’t imagine any sane person willing to submit themselves to that kind of requirement to run.  Sane people tend to fear they might be crazy.  Crazy people don’t realize they are crazy.  (sorry, is “crazy” not considered ‘politically correct’?)

It’s February.  I still have hope that someone will come shuffle Joe off the ballot.  Same too, for Trump, for pretty much the same reason and more.

The benches of both parties are mostly empty, except for a few idiots who couldn’t run a pay parking lot, let alone be president of the United States.

Item 3:  GOP political operative sentenced to 18 months over illegal Russian contributions to 2016 Trump campaign

Official DOJ Press Release

Sound familiar?

Item 4:  The Goal for Super Bowl Ads This Year: Don’t Offend Anyone

Is that even possible in this day and age of always being ‘offended’ about something?  Hell, I take offense over this, dammit!  How dare they water-down our gawd-given rights as an American to watch over-the-top Super Bowl commercials that are bound to offend someone?

Item 5:  Are We All Technosexuals Now?

Are they any different than bibliosexuals?

Item 6:  Why are Republicans more likely to suffer hearing loss?

Without reading the article, my first thought had to do with environment and geography.  Republicans tend to be more rural, and rural tends to work in environments around loud noise.

But then, I read it.





Memes From the Meme Box

I receive dozens of memes in my Meme Box on a daily basis from people all over the landscape.  Some are political, some topical, but most are just everyday events with a little fun inserted.  My absolute favorite are just photos that will speak those thousand words clearly.


They should be means tested before they receive a pension


This is 100 percent true




Again, 100 percent TRUE




Technically, it ruled that PRESIDENTS don’t have total immunity.




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