This is the new temporary URL for the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, until we can get Misha to update the software on his Hosting (doesn’t)Matters server.  If you are here, it means the old HM server has finally crashed under the old PHP 7.1 version that came out back in 2014.  The new code will not run with the older version of PHP so the server pretty much took a dive.

It’s an easy fix:  All it needs is for Misha to go to his cPanel, and click one button to upgrade to PHP 8.3.  (Note the revision number?  That’s how old the software is on the old server.

The old version of the site is still there — all it takes is the click of a button to switch things back to the way they were.  But then, I have to question why go back to an unmanaged server that you are paying twice as much for when you could just leave it all right here and let DreamHost do all of the upgrading automatically. For ten bucks a month.

The ONLY better solution other than this is to move the whole shebang to the servers and never have to worry about needing a webmaster again.

But Hosting Matters?  It’s so 2000…

I haven’t switched anything yet.  You WILL notice because suddenly the site will load extremely fast, and you don’t have to wait five minutes just to post a fucking comment.

If you’ve come here before the switch, it means you clicked on the link on the old site and you will land right HERE on the new location.

Notice how much FASTER this is?

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